Carolina Amato Women’s Touch Tech Leather Gloves with Shearling

Ease into the winter weather with these Shearling Touch Tech Gloves. They’re made of wool and cashmere to keep you warm, as well as shearling sheepskin from New Zealand because we know what that means: wool’s best friend is lambskin!

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Further Product Information

Your hands are the perfect temperature inside Carolina Amato women’s touch leather gloves. The wool-cashmere lining offers plenty of warmth, while shearling sheep fleece adds to the softness that best suits your fingertips. Made with pure lambskin leather and New Zealand dyed sheep shearling for a luxurious finish, these beautiful tan leather gloves come in five enchanting colors! Their elegant design includes buttons on the top for an easy opening and closing, two concealed pockets at the wrist for storing personal items discreetly under wraps or adding flair to any outfit you wear, three decorative metal rings near one cuff, rugged laces at each wrist strap so you can keep them nice and snug around your hands – no loose ends popping out! These fashionable women’s gloves come in a variety of sizes and styles suited to your needs. Not only do they keep you warm, but also add an extra bit of warmth to ward off the cold winter air!


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